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Thinking of changing your stair carpet?

If you are thinking of changing your stair carpet, before you start shopping try arming yourself with at least a basic understanding of the product.  You wouldn't go looking for a tv without a general understanding of which television provides  the better quality picture and sound, the same goes for flooring.  

Of course, the style, quality and look is also of great importance however when choosing a stair carpet we must bare these very important things and give them due consideration - how many people make up the household, do you have pets , would a stain free carpet be helpful.  Combining luxury and elegance, cut pile carpets are better suited to stairs and in homes with pets thanks to their resilience and functionality.

If you wish the carpet to retain its looks for longer then possibly you should be looking at a Berber style or loop pile carpet which is less likely to flatten as a deep pile carpet.

We all have a budget but it will be not be cost effective in the long run by choosing a carpet which is not suited to be fitted on the stairs.

check out the advise section on the different types of carpet structures and different pile types to give you a better understanding all give us a call.

Importance of underlay

A general consideration should be given to underlay and the quality of underlay we are going to use under our carpet, vinyl or laminate.  

  Firstly we must understand the purpose of underlay and this is to provide a layer of protection between the floor boards and underside of carpet, it can also serve as a layer of insulation preventing heat from escaping and allowing the floor boards to breathe preventing moisture and damp from setting in.  

There are so many different types of underlays, from rubber,to foam to felt with different thicknesses and different densities. As a general rule you should be looking at a dense underlay where you will have the most of traffic.



Measuring  for flooring

Measuring for a room carpet is straight forward you just need to measure the longest and widest part of your room making sure you measure into the recesses like a door frame.

measuring for your hall stairs and landing is basically the same but its a good idea to draw a rough plan of your hallway aswell as your landing so when you go to a flooring store the estimator may be able to see what sort of wastage you may have and see if he  or she can utilise the wastage on your stairs.

If you are having multiple areas done at the same time its a good idea to have a rough plan of the layout of the rooms in  your home to insure the right carpet or flooring is going in the right room.

Most flooring shops will provide you with a free planning and estimating service so its a good idea to get someone in to get an accurate size. While the estimator is there they will also have a look at your sub floor just to make sure that you don't need any remedial work doing prior to the installation. On certain flooring types like luxury vinyl tiles its imperative that damp and moisture checks are done prior to installation.